Israel, Iran, and the End of the World

            Before I heard it discussed on NPR’s On Point, I’d only heard about it spoken in depth on Democracy Now! and Jack Van Impe Presents, two programs that couldn’t be more different, the former reporting on stories the mass media ignore and the latter connecting world events to the imminent return of Jesus Christ. The issue was Israel’s increasing preparations for attacking Iran. On Point offered cooler voices who believe that Israel won’t attack in October, as they’re said to be doing so as to force Obama’s hand in the weeks before the election, because United States’ leaders have strenuously told Israel not to attack and because Americans, who supposedly love Israel no matter what it does, will not support the United States supporting Israel because they’re sick of dumb wars. Others believe the Israeli leaders won’t care, and the fact that they’re “fortifying” schools and giving out gas masks suggests that they’ll do whatever they want. Israel already has American money and weapons anyway.

            A journalist on On Point is saying Republicans and Democrats don’t want war this year. 2013? Maybe. This all sounds depressing. If there is to be another war, I think I’d rather it be one that precedes the end of the world than one that drags on for a decade and accomplishes nothing. Jack Van Impe rattles off biblical chapters and verses, very entertainingly, that he then says refer to current events. He speaks fast, so it’s sometimes hard to keep up, although one could buy his more in-depth CDs and DVDs. I’m not sure if Gog and Magog are Iraq and Iran or Russia and China, nor am I sure if the Antichrist is Obama or Ahmadinejad.

            So what will Israel do? Will it attack Iran, assuming that the United States would have its back? Does it want to bomb now before the world economy gets any worse? Why won’t it wait for a supposedly friendlier Romney to become President before attacking? Does Israel fear he has no chance of winning? Does Israel believe that, by attacking in October, it will force Obama to join forces lest he incur the wrath of some heretofore undetected Zionophile swing vote?

            Maybe nothing will happen; sanctions will continue. The Economist just published an article describing how shitty things are in Iran because of the sanctions. It’s pathetic, though, that a small country like Israel has so much sway over the United States’ political leaders.

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