Sandy: The Unhappy Katrina

            The FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) blog always provides some amazing piece of news exposing the idiocy of mainstream television and newspaper journalists and pundits. I was reading it today and thankful that there’s this place that documents the sheer wrongness of highly paid people. Many of the entries were about the election and how wrong so many of the blabbers were in their thoughts that the race was a close one despite the existence of many polls and sites giving Obama a high chance of winning, which he did, much to the dismay of these white people and to drivers in Metairie, I think, who have been twice as aggressive as usual since Wednesday. (On the white people crying for Romney site, I found a link to a petition for Louisiana to secede from the United States now that Obama’s been reelected. Crackers upset here!)

            Amidst the FAIR blog’s commentary on the election commentary, I came upon this quote from shrill twit Peggy Noonan, who was, I think, a Reagan speechwriter and now shills conservative ideas on multiple news outlets. She was wrong about the election, of course, but said this about Sandy: “Well, the impact in the Northeast itself has been very bad. A lot of people suffering up there. Some people calling it their Katrina in–in a very unhappy way, of course, in part because it’s cold. It’s a cold Katrina and people are without heat and electricity, so it’s very tough.” Katrina, Peggy must remember, heralded a time of joy, frivolity, and peace because it was hot outside. Katrina brought beautiful—no, the cunt is wrong.

            Because of Katrina, 80% of New Orleans flooded. What percentage of New York City flooded?

            A couple of thousand people died in Katrina, more than in Sandy—but, wait, how awful is it to be comparing disasters in such a way? Quite awful.

            Peggy, I’m sure, wasn’t thinking about what she was saying. This seems to be a habit. But some synapses had to have malfunctioned for her to suggest that anyone associated the words “Hurricane Katrina” and “happiness” and not been perverse or psychotic. And, yeah, it’s cold up north, but there are blankets and coats to warm people. When it’s sweltering hot, you’re fucked. Perhaps Peggy would like to come to New Orleans in August and live without electricity for a month or two. I was out of my house for over a month after Katrina, and it didn’t even flood. Peggy, any time you want to return to reality, let someone know.

            The United States’ tolerance for incompetence remains astonishingly high. It’s worth noting that the ten states with the highest percentage of those 25 and older with college degrees voted for Obama, and nine of the ten states with the lowest percentage of those 25 and older with college degrees (including Louisiana, of course) voted for Romney.

One thought on “Sandy: The Unhappy Katrina

  1. Since it’s possible to find a correlation between any two factors, I’m sure there’s one between heat and stupidity. Or, in our case, between stupidity and depth below sea level. Certainly up until October 29 we were led to believe we were numbnuts for living in the path of chronic storms. Now we can choose whether we want the world to end in fire or ice. Let me tell you, Peggy Noonan, I don’t hold with fire.

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