Keyboards, Pitchforks

            Day turns into day turns into day turns into day. What do you anticipate? Debt ceilings, fiscal cliffs, sequestrations, elections, graduations, honeymoons, signing divorce papers, eulogies? I envy people who wake up with optimism despite living in such a rigged system. They have joined the system, I guess, or accepted it or figured how to rig their part of it in their favor. One pundit believes Congress will let the sequestration happen and then retroactively say it didn’t happen when Congress ends up restoring whatever budget cuts happened.

            The government governs via anxiety. It’s more important for Mitt Romney to keep his tax loopholes than it is for poor people to have affordable health care. Let’s establish experimental zones in the country. In one place, Milton Friedman’s (oh, brain, you are beginning to let me down, blocking a word from coming, like you did last night when I was thinking of a revision and then it went away suddenly, and it took me a minute to remember what it was, here it comes, here comes the dementia, despite all my efforts to keep my mind active) minions can set up neoliberal policies, like they tried to do in Pinochet-era Chile and Baby Bush-era Iraq, and others of us can establish some type of civil Scandinavian society. Neither would be a utopia, but which would be more humane? Give the GOP what they say they want. See how far it gets them. Look at all of the Republican governors who were ready to let poor people go without health care just so they could stick to their principles. Look at how many of them are ripping up those principles and taking the money. Principles!

            So are we headed to economic ruin, as some people believe? Or is this just survivalist, goldist scaremongering? (I really shouldn’t be linking to the site, as some of the 2013 predictions are ridiculous and vague, but I don’t know anyone who seems to be as concerned about the way things are as I do, so I seek out such sites. A commenter wrote this on the predictions page: “Obama will annul the 22nd Amendment, 2 term limit, thus giving himself life-time rule over America. It will pass in the Senate by an overwhelming majority and in the House by just 51%. It will be signed by December 31, 2013.” Paranoiacs have been fearing that since his 2009 inauguration.) Is there no reason to worry? Or I should focus only on personal worry rather than national or international worry? How am I going to make a living? Why am I still asking myself this?

            We should write letters to our representatives and senators, but the lack of social cohesion makes forceful, persistent collective action difficult. It’s much easier and more seductive to curl up and die.

            But, God, I’d really like to do something, to answer the call of this author who rightly excoriates this country’s corrupt medical industry. “Pitchforks” is the symbol for the threat of violence we must constantly offer to the powerful. They seem to respond to nothing else. Rick Scott is threatened by the loss of his job in Tallahassee, so he suddenly accepts evil federal money. What might he do if—But one must be careful because the powerful have set up laws that protect only them.

            The injustice consistently offered by the United States of America is so overwhelming, though, and people are so worried about daily survival that they—we—do nothing. The state of affairs is the one that Obama and Boehner and those they work for want to perpetuate. So—

            Keyboards, pitchforks!

One thought on “Keyboards, Pitchforks

  1. It’s all whack-a-mole in Washington. (Not so much in Baton Rouge: nothing good pops up.) You’re going to find something that pleases you (yes, you are, too) and then something that terrifies you, but, really, how much affects you except ideologically? Why pick up the pitchfork or the keyboard when survival is more important? I know, the only ones not needing to focus on survival are the ones wielding silver spoons. But, jeez, go for something you might control.

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